A giant elephant that comes out of the ocean in Iceland. You have to see this!

Probably no one needs to be reminded that our planet is beautiful and full of diversity. Its beauty can be perceived almost every day in the form of picturesque landscapes, wonderful sunsets, or original plant and animal species. There’s a lot of wonderful places that make you want to visit them even today.

One of them is the island Heimaey, located in north Iceland. It’s the largest peninsula of the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, which is made up of new islands created by volcanic eruptions. Heimaey is famous for having a rock that has an incredible shape, which looks like an elephant or great mammoth coming out of the water. It was made by the volcano Eldfell, which erupted in 1973.

At that time, a giant flow of lava destroyed part of the island and it was an immediate threat for the bay. The residents, who were trying to avoid a tragedy, pumped sea water onto the hot lava, which was slowly cooling and creating the elephant rock. Today, the rocky elephant is a major attraction, which effectively draws in many tourists in the region. And you, would you like to see it with your own eyes?

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