A girl began to do her makeup. Suddenly, she burst into tears! When I saw her left hand, I was speechless!

Jordan Bone frequently recorded tutorials devoted to makeup techniques. Recently, viewers learned that the girl had a serious accident ten years ago, which resulted in confining her to a wheelchair. She is partially paralyzed and can’t efficiently use her hands, yet she is able to do professional make-up, which even the best make-up artist wouldn’t be ashamed of!

The beginning wasn’t easy. Her hands refused to obey her and the girl wasn’t able to even do her eyelashes. She did it with tears in her eyes. She trained every day until her persistence was finally rewarded. Jordan suffers from many problems, she can’t get dressed and comb her hair well. The fact that she is able to do make-up is her biggest success.

I like to contour and brighten my face. Just like in life. Where there is darkness, there is also clarity. Regardless of how much you’ve gone through in life, the sun always comes out after the rain.




Until now, the girl edited out moments of her shaky hands in videos posted online. Recently, she decided to reveal the whole truth, and show how much effort she has to put in to look like she does See the video below!.


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