A girl came up to a dog cage and saw something that none of the adults were able to notice!

The eyes of a certain charming female dog gazed in hope every day at the people passing by her cage, but everyone walked by, unconcerned about her fate.

She couldn’t wait for the day when she would finally find a home and a family of her own. It was her one and only dream. A very special person was needed to recognize how great of a dog Susie is. The person was a little girl :).


Two days after the video below was published, Susie found her home! Also, more and more people started visiting the shelter, people who want to change the sad lives of animals staying there.

If you want to help four-legged creatures such as Susie, share this video with your friends. Let them know that there are a lot of lonely animals in this world who are looking for a new loving family. Maybe there will be someone who will realize that a loyal friend is waiting for him or her in a shelter, a friend that will give their whole tiny heart to them.