A girl saw a homeless person outside and didn’t leave him without help

Children are much more sensitive than adults. Our way of explaining things is that the world is as it is. Some people have everything and others have nothing. However, it’s more difficult for children to understand why it is like that, why people are left without help and whose fault it is. Adults can only remain patient and explain everything in such a way, so as not to kill their childhood sensitivity, but also to prepare them for life.

As the video below shows, there’s still some hope of change. Children can be good and generous, if we let them.


The little girl was eating dinner in a restaurant with her dad. Then she looked out the window and saw a homeless man sitting outside in the rain. One could only guess when he had eaten a hot meal last. The girl asked her father for permission to give him her meal. So much and so little at the same time. She gives the surprised man her dinner, and her father is very proud of her.

The girl returns to her father, and her face says it all. A mix of pride and embarrassment about what she has done shows that this wasn’t staged just for the internet, but something she did out of the good in her heart.