A girl wrote a moving letter to her father who abandoned her. Her words are very deep!

It occurs that parenthood is beyond some people’s abilities and those people decide to abandon their children. They abandon them and try to lead a life on their own. This of course hurts the innocent kids in many ways. Everyone wants to be loved and everyone deserves to be happy and to have the support of loved ones.

Unfortunately, not all children can experience this. Some don’t even know their biological parents, because they were given up for adoption immediately after birth. Rejected and hurt, they conceal their pain for years.


Be sure to read the following letter. It was written by a girl who was abandoned by her father and after many years wants to tell him about something.

To the father, whom I never met,

I don’t know your name, and I don’t want to know it, because it wouldn’t be useful for me anyways. You probably think that I wanted to call you many times and call you a bad father, but actually I haven’t.


I just want to tell you that I forgive you.
I forgive you for not being by my side, because it made me stronger. When I was little, at school we celebrated Father’s Day.

My grandpa always came instead of you. When someone asked me where my dad was, I replied that he’s not present in my life, but instead I have someone much better. My grandfather was a father before you were, so he taught me everything. He taught me to not let anyone take control of me or treat me badly.

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