A gorilla got a perfect present for its 44th birthday!

The gorilla Koko got a special present for its 44th birthday. The American gorilla, known for her ability to use sign language, was presented with a box of cats. The animal had to choose two cats from the happy bunch. The remaining cats were given to other good homes. Koko got her first cat in 1984, but then she wasn’t really happy with her toy, and it’s different now.

The gorilla lives in California, by the Gorilla charity in Redwood City along with her trainer, Francine Patterson. According to Patterson, Koko can understand around 2000 words in the English language and communicates with her trainer with the help of 1000 signs. After the death of her first cat, All Ball, the gorilla cried very much as if she understood what really happened. Now, along with her beautiful cluster, she lives peacefully in California.

The gorilla Koko got a special present for her 44th birthday.