A guy covered with dollars walks around in the streets with a sign that says “Take what you need”. Guess who takes some first?

A YouTube celebrity, 21 year old Coby Persin, known for many social experiments decided to go out on the streets one more time to test how people behave. This time he got dressed in a nice suit, covered it with dollar bills and went out onto the streets of Manhattan with a sign that says “Take what you need”. You didn’t have to wait long for a reaction. The first people to start to take money were certainly people who didn’t need it.

The first person, who came up to Persin didn’t look like someone poor. The YouTuber asked the man, if he really needed the money. He replied that he didn’t need it, but they were after all free, so he’ll take some. He took around 11 dollars.




The next person was a man, who was running and took a few dollars and ran away.