A homeless man walked into a police station to turn in a wallet that he had found. The reward that he received changed his life around completely!

44-year-old Waralop was walking past a subway station, when he noticed a wallet falling out of man’s pocket. He picked it up and started running after its owner to return it, but the man disappeared from his sight. Without hesitation, he brought the lost wallet to the nearest police station.

It turned out that it had 20,000 baht (about $500) inside it. The finder was hungry and homeless, but also honest and knew very well that something that has been found has to be returned.


The police quickly notified the owner of the wallet. Niity Pongkriangyos didn’t even have enough time to realize that he had lost it.

My first reaction was “wow.” If I was less fortunate than I am, I would probably keep a more careful eye on it.

This man was homeless and only had a few small coins in his pocket, yet despite that, he had returned my wallet with all of my money inside of it. It shows how good and honest of a person you are. This is just the employee I need.

Niity initially offered a 2,000 baht reward, but later decided to offer the homeless man a job along with accommodation and a monthly payment in the amount of 11,000 baht. Waralop started working the next day in a factory belonging to the 30-year-old in Bangkok.

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