A homeless man went up to a woman and gave her a piece of paper. When she saw what was written in it, she decided to do everything she can to help

Raimundo Arruda Sobrinho was homeless like many others. He was dirty, neglected, and abandoned by his family. He lived on the streets for many years in a provisional house next to a pedestrian crosswalk.

A woman named Shalla saw how Raimundo sits concentrated and writes something on a tiny piece of paper every day. She was puzzled by this so much, that she decided to go and see what the man was writing.

It turns out that his greatest passion is writing. For several years, he has been creating beautiful poems, which no one has ever read. Raimundo was able to boast about everything he’s ever written to Shalli. It turns out that the homeless man was a philosopher and has been writing for over 35 years!