A homeless person asked a restaurant owner for money. What the woman said to him is unbelievable!

The 25 year-old resident of Minneapolis – Cesia Abigail Baires runs a small cafe. Once a homeless person came to the premises begging for money. Initially she wasn’t thrilled, but then quickly came up with an idea of how to help him. The method has proven to be better than giving him some change. Anyway, you can read how everything played out.

One morning , a homeless person came to my apartment and asked me for money. I looked at him and asked: “Why don’t you have a job? Nothing is free in life”. He replied that he’s got a criminal record and no one wants to hire him. So, he wanders the streets and begs for some spare change.


That day, I just happened to have few people at work. I asked if he wanted to stay and work. His smile was the best answer for me. He said, that he would do anything for a little food.

He has been in the restaurant every day for two weeks. He has been coming to take out the trash and wash the dishes for two hours. With the money he earned, he bought food in the cafe. By choice, and not because someone told him to.

Let’s do something good for others and not disregard them right away. Everyone deserves a second chance.