A homeless woman asked a restaurant for some leftovers. Everyone ignored her and suddenly something magical happened

A girl named Carmen one day went to a restaurant with her boyfriend. While waiting on their ordered meal, she noticed a homeless woman, who was asking visitors for leftovers. Everyone ignored her and pretended not to notice. Carmen was a volunteer for some time and couldn’t look at the situation indifferently. She wanted to give her own meal, but the woman disappeared. They were just about to leave when they heard a small voice behind them asking for some leftovers from the meal. It turned out to be the same woman that the girl saw earlier.

Without hesitating, she handed over her unfinished meal, but had felt really bad for doing it. She thought that the woman deserves more. She decided to buy her a complete, filling meal. She also asked an employee of the place to not ask her to leave the restaurant. The guests were disgusted by the whole situation. You could see that the homeless spoil their meal with their strong odor. They looked reproachfully and angrily at Carmen.