A Hotel and a library in one, only in Japan…

Many people love books, and especially to read them right before going to bed. “Book & Bed” in Tokyo – Is a hotel and library in one. It’s on the seventh floor in a skyscraper in the Ikebukuro block in Tokyo. The place was designed by Makoto Tanijiri and Al Yoshida who predict that it will be a place where you will be able to get caught in a good book and fall asleep. The “compact” chamber measures at 205 x 85 (80.7 x 33.5 inches), and the “standard” chamber is 205 x 129 cm (80.7 x 50.8 inches).

The price for one night fluctuate from 2,800 to 6,000 Yen (about $32-$50) and depends on the size of the place you stay overnight. The building should be opened on November 5, 2015. There will already be 1,700 books available for guests from the opening date. You can find books in English and Japanese on the shelves. They plan to successively expand the library to 3000 titles.

See what how this magical unordinary place looks like.

Soon there will be a new place to stay overnight in Tokyo.


By the time they open it, there should be around 1,700 books in English and Japanese on the shelves.


A shelf with beds guarantees an interesting and comfy place to sleep.


The compartments are small, but the price is low for a such a great localization!