A house caught on fire. A dog living there decided to save her litter herself. See how she did it!

In the town, Santa Rosa de Temuco (Chile), a fire broke out. Firefighters quickly arrived to save the burning house and its inhabitants. It turned out that a dog, who recently had puppies, lives with the family. She was able to avoid danger, but her litter was still inside. While the firefighters were saving people and their belongings, Amanda was pulling her puppies out of the burning building.

The small things were barely 10 days old and certainly wouldn’t be able to get out of the house on their own. The dog took them away one by one and put them in a firetruck. She was able to carry all of the pups and save them from certain death. After the rescue effort ended and the fire was put out, the firefighters took the puppies and their brave mother to the vet.