A Husky found an abandoned kitten that was barely alive. To everyone’s surprise, he didn’t hurt him, but offered to help

Eight month old kitten Rosie was abandoned by her owner. She was starved and could barely open her eyes. Hardly anyone gave her any chance of survival. The battered kitten was found by a Husky named Lilo. He didn’t however hurt the little kitten, but actually took her under his wing, offering the safety and friendship of the other canine companions of the same breed.

Lilo has become Rosie’s real foster mother, and cares about the kitten to this day. Rosie and the Huskies have become a harmonious pack of friends who won’t leave each other’s sight. Their extraordinary friendship has taken the internet by storm and pictures of the happy pack are published from time to time on Instagram.

Looking at these photographs, I have no doubt why these four have become the new stars of the web. They are simply terrific! Sometimes the saying that hard times will always reveal true friends comes true.


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