A kitten fell under the wheels of a speeding car and miraculously saved its life

The presence of any animal on the road causes danger. Not only is the life of the pet thereatned. The drivers jostling around him may lose control and cause an accident.

Animals killed by speeding cars are no unusual view. Recently, a small Russian cat could have joined them. The pet fell out of a car near Kaliningrad in an unbeknown manner and found himself surrounded by cars whose wheels passed him by an inch…


The kitten on the highway was still very small and should be with his mother and not alone on the freeway. Th drivers who saw the cat toddler in trouble trying to bypass it and the roadside camera recorded the gust of their speeding cars throwing the car around mercilessly.

His case seemed hopeless.

It seemed that the baby cat has no chance chance and dying under the wheels of a car is only a matter of time. The kitten seems, however, to be born under a lucky star, because one of the drivers acted against the rules, stopped the car in the middle of the road and took the animal to his car. His behavior certainly saved the kitten’s life.

Unfortunately, we do not know who the identity of this heroic man, but we can assume that he comes from Bryansk as his license plate shows us.