A little boy made a Messi shirt out of bags. The footballer player quickly reacted to what he saw!

The 5-year-old Ahmadi Murtaz of the Ghazni province in Afghanistan loves the Argentinian athlete Lionel Messi. He has fascinated him so much that he decided to make a shirt similar to the one that his idol has. Murtaz is very poor and can’t afford to buy such attire. He tore a plastic bag in half and put it on himself. On the back he wrote: MESSI 10.

The photo quickly spread around the Internet, regularly appearing in sports and news sections. Everyone wanted to know who this little boy was. His uncle (Azim Ahmadi) helped to identify him, who now lives in Australia. Apparently the pictures were taken by Azima’s brother, Hamayoon.

The little guy loves Messi, but we can’t afford his shirt. I am a farmer – said the father Murtaza.

The information about the five-year-old also reached the well-known footballer, who said on Twitter that he will give the boy a real shirt with his autograph. Sometimes it takes only a little to make someone happy!

On the left a picture of the athlete with his son Thiago.


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