A little girl lost her arm. Her parents gave her a gift that helped her accept that

Scarlett is only two years old and has experienced more than many adults. When she was born, her left arm was larger than her right. That doesn’t sound scary, but the arm was 3 times bigger, which greatly alarmed not only the parents, but doctors too. The girl was quickly sent for a specialized diagnosis.

Unfortunately, they confirmed their worst suspicions, Cancer was growing and mutating in the girl’s hands. Little Scarlett started her treatment.

The treatment didn’t bring any results. When the girl was 10 months old, the doctors and parents made an important decision. In order to save the child’s life, they had to cut off the cancerous limb. It turned out that they needed to remove not only the hand, but also the arm and the skin around the arm.

After a year of treatment, that is for the first year of her life, the little girl could leave the hospital. After several days of therapy, blood transfusions, and infusions, she was finally free. Then her parents decided that Scarlett needs a companion, someone who will re-compensate for spending months in the hospital and will help her cope with her disability.