A little monkey is desperately looking for help for her mother who died being hit by a car. The recording breaks the heart…

Some monkeys take care of their descendants for a very long time. The young ones remain in their care and the mothers protect them from predators. In addition, they teach toddlers to find food and climb trees.

Female monkeys are deeply involved in the care of young people providing them with valuable skills useful in their later life.

When this little monkey saw her mother lying on the road hit by a car, she did not know what to do. She looked around desperately in the hope of finding help. Unfortunately, no one came, and even if someone had appeared, the mother could not have been saved. Her injuries were too severe and the monkey died on the spot.


The recording quickly won the hearts of thousands of Internet users, and the squeal of a small monkey called to mind the cry of a human child. This scene is heartbreaking and proves that animals love as much as humans.

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