A lot of people wear an earring in exactly this place. You will be surprised when you learn the reason for piercing an ear right there!

Earrings are usually associated with fashion and beautifying the body, but some opt for this kind of jewelry not just because it’s a nice decoration. They have another more important reason. A piercing in this specific location may be beneficial to one’s health.

It sounds crazy, right? However, it’s a fact confirmed by many people. The small circle located in the cartilage of the ear relieves the symptoms of migraines and works similarly to acupuncture. People who deal with persistent headaches often choose this method to relieve their pain.



Those who tend to have migraines know perfectly well that it’s one of the worst experiences in the world. A repetitive, throbbing pain is felt for a very long time. It can last for up to several hours! Nothing pleasant, that’s why people who have experienced it want to avoid these unpleasant symptoms at any cost.



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