A loving family adopted this beautiful Dobermann without hesitation. Their lives were completely changed after what he did 4 days later…

The Dobermann Kahn spent a dew long weeks at one of Australia’s animal shelters. One day fate has finally smiled upon him. The Svillcic family decided to adopt him. They took him home and gave him the tender love that he really needed.

The dog didn’t have it easy. His previous owner had abused him. He had broken ribs and was extremely starved when they took him to the shelter. His condition was so bad, that they even thinking about putting him to sleep. But someone has noticed him in time and taken him in. He played in his new home frequently in the garden with the one-and-a-half year old daughter of the owner – Charlotte. One day he started to behave very aggressively towards the little girl. He growled and tried to chase her away from the place where she was.




  1. Hank Simpson
  2. Lee Smith
    • Paul Gifford
    • Laurel Leslie
    • Carolyn Martin (nee Fraser-Basone)
  3. Laura
  4. William Carlson
  5. pete
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    • J Louters
  6. Pat Mallon
  7. Fran
  9. Barbara