A man adopted a one-eyed dog, and his reason for doing so is really touching!

Unfortunately, there is still a nasty human habit of abandoning animals. Sometimes it’s possible to save them in shelters, and find them a new home. The task isn’t so difficult when the dog is nice and charming, but it’s worse when it has a disability.

This was the case of a small dog, which, though very charming, was born without an eye. Fortunately, it found a person – Jordan Trent, who has adopted it and its disability didn’t bother him, because the man himself is blind in one eye.

Jordan Trent has a new friend named Shiner Solo Talent;)

Trent lives in Georgetown, Texas, after an accident in the garden, and despite 4 operations, he lost vision in one eye. Small Shiner was found by his children, and they decided to give him a home.