A man bought a house, and soon discovered a mysterious structure on his property

Buying real estate is usually associated with surprises, because you never know what the previous owners managed to hide in the building and on the property. John Sims experienced such a hefty surprise, when he discovered that the backyard of his new house is equipped with an underground bunker.

John bought a dream home in Tucson, Arizona. When he was digging in the yard, he found a semicircular hatch which led to a structure in the ground. It turned out to be a bunker from the times of the Cold War. The shelter was built roughly around the year 1960/1961 and, of course, has never been used.


In the state of Arizona, there were once numerous military bases, constructed for the storage of ballistic missiles, intercontinental missiles and nuclear weapons which had enough range to reach the USSR. This was the reason why during the Cold War and tensions between America and Russia, many living there built backyard bunkers, where in the event of an attack, they could seek shelter.

The first sign that something is hidden in the ground was an old hatch.

One of these bunkers was located on John’s property. The shelter was built out of concrete and has a fiberglass dome, constructed by the company Whitaker Pools. Unfortunately, the shelter was empty on the inside and some elements of the construction had been destroyed due to the passing of time e.g., the stair steps.

Steep winding stairs lead to the bunker’s interior.

Photos of the bunker’s inside are on the next page.