A man collected coins for 45 years. You will not believe how much he has in his account now!

Even as children, some of you certainly had a habit of collecting a variety of things. At the beginning there were chewing gum wrappers or small prizes pulled out of bags of chips, which were later put into a binder. With time, the collections began to expand their reach to postage stamps and calling cards. In the times when there were no computers and the internet wasn’t available, it was quite an interesting hobby which was able to absorb all your free time.
Ortha Anders is also an avid collectioner, who for the past 45 years had been collecting coins with a low face value.

The Louisiana resident had been doing it since 1970! He filled 15 twenty-liter water jugs with pennies (cents). Recently, he decided to take the coins to a bank. The employees were counting the money for 5 hours! It turned out that the man had saved up $5,000