A man dressed in different styles, to see people’s reactions. you’ll not believe the results he got!

Many people have the problem that they’re immediately judged by their style of dressing up. When someone wears black clothes, they’re on the spot judged as a motorcyclist, who loves heavy music. Very often it isn’t true, not necessarily everyone who wears a leather jacket listens to metal or is part of a gang of bikers.

The 24-year-old Pedro decided to see how people will react to him, when dressed in various styles. For a week every day he wore clothing in various styles and really drew surprising conclusions.

I must be careful about what I put on. I’m a black man and I’m really unhappy, when women grip their bags tighter in my presence. I dress as I want to. In the experiment I used the rule that I will behave as usual and hide my tattoos. I’ll get dressed in two different outfits and I’ll do exactly the same thing. Which is why a 5-day experiment took me 2 weeks.


Day 1


I not feel good in these clothes. At work I had a conversation with one woman, and a driver waited for me to count change for a ticket and to sit down before starting. During lunch, I quickly got my order, and the parking lot security guard opened the door for me.


I felt comfortable, I didn’t tap the heels of my shoes! The driver started before I paid for a ticket, I got a quick lunch, but without kindness. The guard greeted me with a nod.


Day 2


It was good even though my clicking boots indicated my every step. Even in the gym everyone treated me better. The front desk guy called me boss.


People looked at me like a gang member. I drew attention.


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