A man dug a huge pit in the yard, what came out is amazing!

Whoever has a house with a garden and neighbors behind a fence, knows that they can have ideas that are out of this world. It’s not about cutting the lawn in the morning or a big Pitbull adopted from a shelter. So, when Wayne Martin began to dig a huge hole in his garden, the neighbors thought he lost his mind. Then they found out that the project is one of the most ambitious and best-planned garden ideas they have seen.

Despite all the hustle, bustle and noise, which went with the construction, after completion, all of the neighbors wanted to have something just like it!

First, Wayne bought a large container.
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He locked one door, and remade the second one.
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He dug a hole bigger than the container In the garden and covered the bottom with rubble.

Then, using a special crane, he placed the container in the hole.

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