A man found a weird bundle while walking through the woods. When he saw what was inside, he froze…

When Greg Zubiak went to the forest to hunt for elk, he didn’t expect to come back with something entirely different… treasure. Although he didn’t encounter any large horned mammal, he did find a box, which had 20 smaller animals inside, abandoned in the middle of nowhere. The puppies, which is the treasure, were hugging each other hungry and chilled, without the man’s help, they wouldn’t have any chance of surviving.

Thankfully Greg is a man with a kind heart. He took the puppies with him and did everything he could to find them new homes.

Greg Zubiak in the spot where he found the puppies.



CBC News

The dogs age is thought to be around 3 months.

Zubiak never dreamed of having 20 dogs, but he knew well that he can’t leave the tiny animals in the woods and risk them dying of hunger, or freezing to death, or being eaten by coyotes…



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