A man found out that his dog has terminal cancer. What he did for him is quite incredible!

Bella, a 9 year old chocolate-coated Labrador and Robert Kugler, former Nebraska special forces solider have been best friends since the time Bella was taken from the shelter. In may, Kugler realized that his dog has problems with walking and is very weak. When he took her to the vet he got some bad news- Bella was suffering from advanced bone cancer and didn’t have a chance to survive.

The doctor suggested putting her to sleep so that she didn’t suffer but Robert decided to do something completely different.


He decided that the dog’s ill paw would be amputated. The surgery went well and although Bella lost a paw, she could still live. Unfortunately the cancer kept spreading and attacked her throat. The vet gave Bella a couple more months of life.


Robert got back home, packed a couple of things and set on a travel. They drive around together in the United States and spend time together. Every day is a new adventure and experience. They want to use the time they have left. As Robert says :

‘Bella is my best friend. A didn’t want to come back home one day and find her dead’