A man got a puppy, but when the dog began to grow, it turned out that the owner did not know the whole truth about his pet

Everyone loves puppies as they are sweet, willing to be cuddled and can literally make one’s heart melt. Most of the children, if you ask them, will choose a puppy above a brother or a sister. Small cats, dogs and other young animals are loved by everyone who is glad to have the opportunity to play with them and care for them.

It is therefore that a man from Tucson, Arizona, who saw a small gray puppy, and could not resist taking him home. Neon, as this is how he called the puppy, was charming and very energetic.


This puppy’s energy started drenching its owner. Neon loved to escape from the garden as soon as the opportunity arose. He dug through the fence and eventually learned to jump the fence! Intuition told the man that this puppy was not like other ordinary dogs.


He went to the vet who, when he saw Neon, said:

You know it’s not a dog, right?