A man got lost in the Swiss Alps and then THIS stopped him in his tracks. He proved that cats are also great guides

The example of this amazing cat proves that not only dogs can successfully work as rescue animals. It turns out that cats also make great candidates for the job, since they’re just as clever and helpful.

A Hungarian, username sc4s2cg, boasted about his incredible story on Reddit. While hiking in the Swiss Alps, he got lost. He tried his best to get back onto the trail leading to the mountain hostel, but was unable to do so.


I checked the map to see how to get back to shelter, but the only trail leading to the hostel was closed.

The man sat down and took a break to regenerate his strained ankle. Then he saw a black-and-white cat.


When I got up, it began to lead me down some kind of path. From time to time, the animal would turn its head to make sure that I was following and descending down into the valley.

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