A man saw information online about a missing child. When he looked at his daughter, he made a terrible discovery

Mr. Mu from China worked odd jobs as an electrician. He traveled from town to town to support his family, his wife, and two-year-old daughter, Nahua. One day something terrible happened. The man lost sight of his daughter for a moment and that was enough for his life to turn into hell.

It turned out that she had been kidnapped. The man lived a nightmare, not knowing what was happening to his child. He considered the worst-case scenario: an abduction by a pedophile, kidnapping to obtain organs, or sold to childless couples…


The marriage has been living for months under extreme stress, and finally decided to get a divorce. Mr. Mu sold the house, quit his job and started his own search. He drove to police stations throughout China and asked about the tiny Nahua. His actions, however, did not bring any results. Desperate, the man decided to post on the Internet a picture of his daughter with information about the abduction and a special trait, which is special mole on her hand.