A man saw that a homeless person in the middle of winter didn’t even have a shirt, what he did moves to tears!

Homeless people are often avoided from a wide distance, we pretend not to see them, that they don’t exist. And it’s not just the people that smell like alcohol, and have gone many days without a bath. Often people become homeless, not because of drugs, but because of the strangeness of life and disease. It’s worth remembering.

Thanks to the latest technology, you can see that there are people in this world who help others. Even if it means giving them their last shirt.
This is exactly what this young man did in the subway. In the subway, a homeless man, who didn’t even have a t-shirt on, was riding. He went over to him, and the young man gave him his own shirt and hat. In New York, the winter isn’t severe, but it’s still winter with cold days and nights.

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When it turned out that the homeless person has diseased hands, the boy helped him get dressed without hesitating.

The subway car was almost empty, the young man didn’t do this for praise and publicity, but straight from the heart. He saw a man who has had a hard life, and was freezing. He didn’t ask for anything, he just helped him because of a pure desire to help.

It’s great to know that people like this live in the world. All that’s left is to follow his example and not avoid the needy around us.