A man wanted to save a baby bird tangled in a net. The reaction of its mother was very unexpected!

Swans are beautiful and majestic birds. Characterized by their monogamy – they mate for life and rarely change partners. The females lay from 5 to 9 eggs each year, but not all the young survive.

Their survival rate is actually quite low. The reasons for their death can be various. Some birds die by getting tangled in the numerous objects floating in the water (mainly pieces of plastic), others due to improper feeding or a general lack of food.

Simon is a member of an organization saving wild animals. He was recently called to release a baby bird, which got stuck in a metal net close to the Thames River. It was not a seemingly complicated task, but the rescuer encountered some difficulties. An adult bird began to effectively prevent him from untangling the baby bird, circling him and striking a menacing pose.


When Simon had managed to free the baby swan, he took it in his hands and carefully placed it on the surface of the water. His mother was right next to him and was giving the man clear warning signs by flapping her wings. Anyway, see how it all looked for yourself! Maternal instinct took over!

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