A man was cleaning an aquarium and saw something that was buried at the bottom. When he touched the sand, something really strange crawled out of it

People around the world have many passions and interests, but almost all nationalities love animals.

Although in different countries and cultures, some species are treated a little differently. For example, in India the cow is considered sacred and its meat is rather not eaten, and in Europe and North America beef frequent is served while dining and it is considered a delicacy. Another good example is the dog. In most countries of the world, no one would think of killing them and making meals out of them, but in China, dog meat is very popular. One example is a bloody festival at Yulin, where a lot of quadrupeds die every year.


Culture varies from country to country, and what for some is not imaginable, for others is quite normal. Killing fish does not really bother anyone and they are eaten almost everywhere. You can prepare a delicious and nutritious meal from them, sometimes a lot tastier than chicken or pork chop. Fish are appreciated not only for that reason. Their unique look is very pleasing to some people, so they often choose to set up aquariums.

On the following pages you can read, what a man found, while cleaning his aquarium.