A map which will help you find the cause of abdominal pain! Familiarize yourself with it and see why you feel discomfort in a particular place!

As much as 90% of the world’s population suffers from abdominal pain without knowing the cause. It’s scary, but many people don’t even know what organs are in the abdominal cavity, which is the reason why they can’t pinpoint what is hurting them. Pain often radiates, and therefore it’s hard to determine the cause.

Sometimes, symptoms appear after a meal and we think they’re caused by intolerance to some food or that the food simply wasn’t good for our stomach. However, if after a few hours, the pain is still present, it must be ruled out and the cause of the pain must be determined. There are a couple of problems that can be serious and if not treated, can even cause death. One example is peritonitis.


The abdomen can be divided into parts and mapped out, to easier specify where the pain is coming from. If it persists, you should immediately seek a specialist’s help! 

The abdominal region can be divided into nine areas:

Zone 1.

The area marked with a number 1, covering the right side of the body just below the ribs, is where the gallbladder is located. Pain in this area may point to problems with the biliary system, pancreas or stomach


Zone 2.

As you can see, this zone includes the stomach. If you feel pain in this area, it may be the fault of indigestion, reflux or gallstones.

On the following pages you will find other areas!