A method to cutting bangs at home. With it, you’ll look great and save money by not having to go to a hairstylist

A person’s hairstyle has a big impact on what the overall impression of their external appearance is. Typically, in order to have a beautifully cut hairstyle, we go to a hairstylist, but with minor alterations such as clipping bangs, these visit turn out to be completely unnecessary.

It’s commonly believed that only a hairstylist knows how to cut hair and that they’ll choose the best hairstyle and hair color to match a person’s beauty. Unfortunately, hairstyling services aren’t always at such a level at which we would like them to be, so you may want yourself to acquire some hairstyling skills which will save time, money and unnecessary stress.


Everyone who wears bangs knows that they need to be cut quite often so that they won’t get into the way of the eyes and will retain their shape. Continuously visiting a hairstylist can be tiring and an unnecessary expense, which is why YouTube channel owner Carly Humbert, who has mostly beauty-oriented content, shows how to trim bangs by yourself at home, resulting in a beautiful semicircular shape. You won’t believe how simple it is!

Bangs are a timeless hairstyle.
hair 2

Cutting bangs at home consists of just 3 steps:

  • separating the bangs,
  • combing the hair
  • precisely and twisting the strands of hair you want to cut.

If you want the haircut to be as good a result as Carly’s, remember that you need a pair of heavy-duty and sharp scissors.

Creating a mini-salon at home isn’t difficult.

Cutting hair by yourself seems scary and difficult, but in reality it isn’t. Just do it routinely and the fear will disappear. Also, remember that hair has this wonderful property of being able to grow back, so even if you don’t do a good job at trimming your bangs, then you’ll be able to try again in some time.

Take a look at how self-cut bangs look in reality.