A mother came into her daughter’s room to see if the baby was sleeping. What she found melted her heart

A young mother from North Carolina, Kristin Leigh Rhyneheart, put her baby daughter to sleep. After some time, she decided to see if the little one is not awake. She then saw a very charming scene which she decided to record and share with the world.

A dog named Raven slept with the girl in her bed. He buried himself under the heated blanket and took a nap at baby’s side.


The woman wondered could he have disappeared. When she opened the door to her child’s room, everything became clear. The doggy watched over her daughter.

Kristin says that they recognize Raven as a regular family member. At some point, he didn’t have a home and they decide to shelter him. Since them, he is trying to prove that the decision was a good one.


People say that money cannot buy happiness. This is true, pet adoption is for free. We saved this dog 10 years ago. We gave him a home, and now he gives us a lot more – said the proud dog owner.