A mother fed her children in a very unusual way. The reaction of others moms was instantaneous. The imagination and creativity of parents is incredible

A characteristic feature of mothers is their ability to multitask. At the same time they can wash pajamas, cook dinner, feed their children and iron their husband’s dress shirt. To carry out all these tasks, creativity and cleverness are a must. When men switch roles with women for a day, they’re usually shocked by how well they cope with such a large number of duties.

Being a mother requires excellent organization and being alert at all times, especially if you have twins or triplets. Then the responsibility is several times greater, but a day still has only 24 hours…

Constance Hall is an Australian blogger and mother who recently posted a picture on her social media profile in which you can see her feeding her babies with bottles being held with her legs in order for her hands to be free to take care of other urgent household chores. These pictures have touched moms all around, who also began to publish photos showing their creative feeding methods. This was the way in which mother’s reminded everyone that young moms are very busy and don’t have time for everything, and showed that they too only have two hands and aren’t able to do everything themselves.

In this photo, Constance showed how flexible mothers have to be when carrying out their duties.

Feeding 2 in 1


Brotherly bottle support.

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