A mother shaved her daughter’s head when she learned that her daughter was intimidating a friend ill with cancer

Being a parent is a big challenge. One the one hand, one wants to be friends with children to give them a sense of security, on the other hand, one should impress upon them the rules of moral conduct. Just how does one do that? Due to school, work and other responsibilities, parents often have little contact with the children. Often they learn from school that their child is not as perfect as they imagined.

Parents have different approaches to the education of their children. Some motivate be rewarding for good behavior, others raise by punishment. This mother, when she learned that her daughter ridiculed and harassed a girl suffering from cancer, decided to punish her so severely so that she could understand just how vile it was.


The disease can affect anyone and may even be independent of how we live. Cancer is one of the worst illnesses out there. The treatment may be full of pain and suffering. The emaciated body loses hair, the skin loses its glow. It is important that in these moments, one feels the support of one’s surrounding people. Sometimes, the desire to fight the disease acts as a poweful drug.

How the girl in the video behaved is terrible. She harassed and ridiculed a girl who was bald because of her illness. Her mother decided to go all the way to show her that this is unacceptable. She shaved off her hair, and thus showed her how a young girl who wants to be beautiful, but is fighting a disease, can feel.