A mother wrote a letter in which she explained why she doesn’t teach his her son to share with others

Mothers have various approaches to the education of their children and sometimes those methods aren’t the best in our eyes. But one thing is certain, a mother has to fill many shoes, teach their child how to eat, write and behave. They act as a guardian of their safety, doctor in case of a medical emergency and prepare the best meals.

More and more often, mothers are sharing their ideas on how to raise their children, through which they try to prove that their methods are good. Are they actually doing it right? Time will certainly tell. Recently a mother, who runs a blog using the penname Beth W, wrote an interesting letter.


I was introduced to these principles in my son’s preschool. Children in his preschool can play with one toy, as long as they want. Other children have no right to take it away from them, or say that they’ve already been playing with it for a long time and that they have to share with them. If a child wants a toy, they must wait until the other person puts it down. This applies to all the toys and places to play on the playground.

At the beginning, I deliberated on the preschool’s policy. After all, children SHOULD share. The first two weeks are a time when children have to get used to the rules and follow them. My son quickly learned that he doesn’t have to share, but also can’t demand others to give him their things.

Because of that preschool policy, I had two incidents that showed me something very important. The first one took place in the park. My son had his toy car, which he was driving. A child approached him, and said that he wanted the car. My son ignored him and that child began to pull the car away from my son. The child’s mother reproachfully said that “a mother didn’t teach her son how to share,” and gave me a dissatisfied look. The fact that the car belonged to my son didn’t bother her.

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