A moving story of brother cats. See how they escaped certain death!

Unwanted animals are found every day, but when Anya Yukhtina found her two cats, she did not know what a unique pair of brothers she found.

Anya Yukhtina, a manager and producer from Moscow, one day found two small and defenseless kittens in her garden. She doesn’t known how they got there, but they were so cute that Anya decided to save their lives and take them home.

The kittens grew up to be beautiful males with ginger colored fur.


The kitten were just a few days old and on the verge of life and death when Anya found them. She took the hungry and freezing animals home, where she gave them loving care.

The abandoned kittens were too small to survive alone.


The washed, warmed and fed cats began to gain strength, and the new owner could not understand why anyone would abandoned them. The brothers were extremely cute and liked the company of both, each other and people.

The discovered cats required tender care.


The cats have proved to be extremely close-knit with each other and do everything together, and their fraternal love moves household residents daily.

The brothers love to lie together in their owner’s bed.