Has Atlantis been finally found? Nan Madol’s ruins give researchers more and more reasons to develop interesting theories

The world hides many secrets, and sometimes reveals their claws to re-energize our imagination

Mythical lands, amazing creatures, stories and legends in the fairy tales … do they hide in themselves, through the shadow of truth? Based on tales from moss and ferns, we can search for places on the map that were discussed. Did these great creatures only scare children, or did they really walk, and could they still walk in the woods and the back roads?

Each question raises the imagination and divides people, those who believe, and the skeptics who are grateful for that type of revelation. Although a technician gives you the chance to scan, to compare and scan different places that have buried sand and mud, but there is always some unknown, and some questions.

The story of Atlantis is one of the tales they believe in as a fairy tale. Atlantis is described by Plato, and is found in many other sources. It was to be a land rich in goods – metals, wood and diamonds, rich and well-ruled. Many people under the influence of Plato’s authority recognized Atlantis as a real land that disappeared under the water after a series of earthquakes.