A new alternative for pizza! The recipe is fast, delicious and looks really good. don’t wait and try this unusual recipe today!

Italian pizza created a sensation on all continents of the world. A thin yeast cake with tomato sauce and cheese, a delicacy for both children and adults, which can be easily customized for individual tastes.

The only drawback of pizza is the time that you spend for its preparation, which is why you might look for a new alternative and faster version.


The original Italian pizza comes with Nepal, where it was made from the seventeenth century. it’s quite a simple and cheap dish that conquered millions of hearts or rather palates, around the world. A classic Margarita, hot pepperoni or Hawaiian Oriental? Everyone will find their favorite and for all those who cannot afford long tinkering in the kitchen, they can have an alternative version of pizza, which can be prepared quickly and tastes as good as the original dish. The recipe excels with a lot of guests and, of course, can be modified so that the composition of ingredients is just right for all partygoers.

The traditional pizza never gets old, but it’s worth experimenting with.


 The ingredients of the alternative pizza and its method of preparation:

-two sheets of puff pastry
-tomato sauce
-shredded mozzarella cheese
-sliced ham
-one egg

Step 1:

Cut out two identical circles from the pastry (e.g. With a large flat plate).



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