A Nigerian actress had to apologize for the “immoral” video, in which she… held a man by his hand!

The Nigerian actress and singer Raham Sadau is very popular in Nigeria. The music and film industry in Nigeria are subject to strict Islamic laws. The video, in which a girl holding hands with a man and hugs him, so enraged her audience that she had to apologize for it.

Compared with other music videos, especially in hip-hop and R’n’B, it is a very delicate and beautiful video. Rappers from both America and Europe show women who, if they do have any clothes, are very casually dressed.


Of course, the film clips that you see on popular music channels or online are full fleshy, half-naked women are not the best example for young girls. They promote the belief that a good body can makes a good career.

However, puritanism and the accusing of immorality for girl who, with a veil on her head, did not do anything wrong, does not even undress, but merely touches a man’s hand, is also bad. Of course, the girl apologized to everyone who felt offended by her behavior.

In Muslim countries, such accusations is serious and can be cruelly punished. The girl took all the blame and the music video has been banned.


See the video which offended so many men.