A nurse in a nursing home didn’t know that she was being recorded. How she treated this elderly woman is shocking!

It used to be unthinkable to put a father or a mother in a nursing home. Parents lived to their final days at the side of loved ones who took care of them as best as they could. Times and people’s mentalities have changed, and older people often end up in centers for the elderly.

Sometimes by choice, because they don’t want to trouble their children and believe that staff will take better care of them in such a facility. However, sometimes it happens that they end up in such places, because their son or daughter wants to get rid of them! It’s very sad, but such cases are more and more common.


When Camille Parent of Ontario was placing his mother, sick with Alzheimer’s disease, in a nursing home, he assumed that there she’ll have better conditions than at home. He hoped that the nurses will look after and take care of her, and ensure that nothing bad will happen to her. It turned out that Camille’s expectations weren’t fulfilled and his mother was very badly treated.


At first, everything seemed fine. One day he discovered that the elderly woman had a black eye… He asked staff how it had happened, but no one was able to explain it to him.


He was so concerned that he put a camera in the room with the woman. What the device recorded really shook him up on the inside.


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