A photographer took pictures of children’s rooms around the world. Some of them leave you lost for words…

„Where Children Sleep” is a project of a British photographer James Mollison. It’s aim is to show the differences between conditions children live in around the World. The set also tries to focus on difficult situations the families of the kids have to face.

James travelled through the world searching for the best shots and visited such countries as India, China, Mexico, Israel, Kenia or Senegal. Not only did he discover the environment of the children but also their stories- very often hard and very painful.


The author explains ‘What I wanted to do is to deliver a certain kind of global view. The pictures show personalities, cultural identities and economical situations. That is why we face such enormous differences!’

Have a look at his work!

1. Roathy, 8 years old (Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Roathy and his family live on a dumping ground. The sleep on ‘beds’ made of old tires. Every day at 6 o’clock in the morning Roathy has breakfast at a charity organisation. Sometimes it’s his only meal of the day.



2. Jyoti, 14 years old (Makwanpur, Nepal)

Jyoti has worked as field worker since her youngest years. Together with her sisters she gets to sleep on mats spread on the floor.

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