A photographer was taking pictures in an abandoned hospital, when suddenly he heard a terrifying scream and cry… Who was it?

Amateur photographers are inspired and motivated by life, so they see subject matter for their photos everywhere, even in places which we consider unpleasant, ugly or even dangerous, e.g. in abandoned buildings.

American photographer Joshua Gold did a photo shoot of an abandoned hospital in New York. The man thought that he was completely alone in the building, which is why he almost had a heart attack when he heard a high-pitched and wailing sound, carrying an echo through the empty halls and demolished rooms. Most people probably would’ve made a break for it, but Joshua decided to see who the terrible cry belonged to.


The source of the cry seemed to be on the third floor of the building. The photographer checked every room, but found nothing and then his attention was drawn to a ventilation shaft. When he looked into it, he found that at the bottom of it was a small, starved and frightened kitten. Joshua knew that in the situation he was in, he wouldn’t be able to pull it out, so he went to get the necessary equipment.

There wasn’t an easy way to get to the meowing kitten.

Armed with a ladder, Joshua returned to the furry being late at night. He climbed down the shaft cautiously, freed the cat and took it home. Without the help of a human, the animal stood no chance of survival. Deprived of food and water, the kitten would’ve suffered a long and painful death.

How the cat turned up at the hospital is a mystery.

The kitty turned out to be a 4-week-old tomcat. Joshua named him Leonard, after the patron saint of the hospital where he found him. Currently the kitten feels good and is full of energy, as if this terrible adventure had never happened.

Joshua recorded his rescue effort using a cell phone.