A plumber with a calling. The company Wrangler became interested in him, and prepared a very pleasant surprise for him

Dealing with plumbing installations at home isn’t an easy task and sometimes surpasses even the best handyman’s skills. No wonder that when a woman from Texas found a hydraulic problem in her home, she immediately called a specialist. The thought of dealing with the “dirty work” herself didn’t even go through her mind.

A young plumber named Jimmie Cox arrived on the scene and immediately began fixing the leaking pipes in Andrea Adam’s backyard. When the woman came out of the house, to see how the work was progressing, she was amazed by what she saw.


She saw a man half-submerged in mud. There was no other way of reaching the damaged pipe, so Jimmie took a deep breath and dove into the dirt. Even though he couldn’t see anything, he did a great job of repairing the damaged pipe.


Astonished by the plumber’s dedication to his job, Andrea took a picture of him (actually just of his lower half). Later she uploaded it to the web and it became a hit overnight. He was noticed by the host of the program Dirty Work, Mike Rowe, who invited him to a sit down. That’s not all! Wrangler, a well-known manufacturer of jeans, offered the plumber a free shipment of pants for the upcoming year.

As you can see, his dedication paid off.