A policeman was going to throw a homeless person out of a store, but instead, he did something which surprised and moved everyone

Homelessness is present throughout the world and is an important social problem. People who remain without a roof over their head are less frequently given sympathy and are increasingly treated as a bothersome and persistent problem, which should be eliminated as fast as possible.

Unfortunately, homeless people are treated stereotypically: all are considered deadbeats and drunks, who as a result of their own stupidity and mistakes found themselves on the street, but the truth is often more complicated. In connection with dislike towards them, they are chased away from parks, railway stations and shopping malls. This was exactly the case, when an American policeman was called to assist in removing a bum from a store.


The whole situation took place in Texas. Officer Jose Flores got a call that a homeless person doesn’t want to leave a store in El Paso and he was dispatched to the location. Employees of the store wanted the uncomfortable “guest” to leave the store, but the policeman decided that in this situation, something unexpected had to be done.

Not having a home is a great tragedy for the man, but fewer and fewer people notice this kind of misfortune.

The homeless man didn’t want to leave the store because he wasn’t prepared to stay in the cold weather outside: he neither had shoes nor socks. The Texas police officer, taking a New York officer as an example, bought the homeless person shoes, socks and in addition, gloves. This gesture showed everyone that these people cannot be mindlessly chased away, but that they have to be helped. Throwing the homeless out does not make them disappear, that’s why we have to fight homelessness by helping such people return to a normal professional and social life.

Compassion should be one of the basic traits of a good cop.