A policewoman hit a homeless man and a stranger spilled food on his head… The truth about society turned out to be cruel!

This social experiment showed that people, guided by what they see, can assess who deserves support and who doesn’t. It was decided to investigate the reactions of passersby to two homeless people: an older man and a young boy.

The boy is only dressed as if he was homeless and simply pretends that he has failed his life. The real homeless person sitting next to him is a war veteran who served his country. Unfortunately, for some reason, he landed on the street and now has to beg for some money to buy food.


Although they both look poor, people are more willing to support the young person. Without any questions, they throw change into his cup. Their reaction to the veteran is quite different. They pass without even stopping or begin to behave aggressively saying that he is a grown man and that he should go find a job.

You served your country? Here is something that served your country!  – said an angry man, spilling his food on the homeless man’s head.

The behavior of the police officer wasn’t better. She hit the man and left.

Look at what happened at the end. If you are moved by this experiment, pass the video along!

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