A poor boy shares his epic love story and wins the hearts of thousands of internet users. You have to read it!

Everyone wants to eventually meet their second half, but it isn’t all that easy. In times where money is most important, it’s difficult to find selfless affection and devotion. When people have financial problems, they begin to doubt their own value, which also translates into their love life.

But when a lonely individual finally meets the right person and sees that they’re accepted just the way they are, they begins to flourish. Love can give you wings and be motivational, as shown by the following story.


Priscilla knew from the beginning that her relationship with Victor wouldn’t be anything like in the movies. He wasn’t a wealthy guy, and hence couldn’t offer her much (apart from his true feelings for her). Expensive gifts, trips overseas and lavish dinners were absolutely out of the question. Still, she loved him and enjoyed even the small presents which she received from him.

The man recently shared their beautiful love story on Facebook. He led hundreds of people to tears. Take a look at what he wrote.

When I met Priscilla, I had no money and no car. I drove to work by bus or on my bike. My future looked bleak because I wasn’t earning a steady income. I worked at the reception desk in a gym. When we started dating, I told her bluntly: “I have nothing to offer you.” She said that my heart is all she needs.


On December 16th, 2015, we decided to get married. Just the two of us. There wasn’t any big reception or diamond ring. I only had enough money to pay for a marriage certificate and a modest engagement ring that cost $3.

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